Not going out of the door I have knowledge of the world. Not peeping through the window, I perceive the Tao of heaven. The more one wanders to a distance the less he knows.
Tao Te Ching

Dr We often live our lives hopping from one goal to another, trying to amass more and more, and doing what the world idolizes. There is a hope that if we follow this humdrum of life to perfection, our existence will automatically become meaningful and we will secure an unparalleled happiness. However, this hope is like a mirage � we go out in the scorching sun towards our destination of happiness and as we inch closer towards it, we realize that it is not what we really want. Some give up completely, a few manage to distract themselves and there are others who keep walking. No matter how many destinations are covered, happiness remains elusive. A sense of inner vulnerability prevails, and any big or small failure threatens to throw us in an abyss of despair.

If our growth was real, would we continue to be so fragile? The answer is a resounding no. What we have achieved is a false growth � a narcissistic gratification that deludes us into believing that by gaining new experiences, transforming our lifestyle, boosting our self-esteem, improving our body and mind and reaching the hypothetical next level, we are doing our best. It is almost as if throughout our lives, we are constantly gathering trophies to feel good about ourselves and enticing the world to admire us. Real growth neither requires validation nor admiration. It makes you stronger, freer and satiated, conferring upon you the unique ability to keep smiling no matter what.

If you aspire for real growth, take a break from the humdrum of life and start reflecting deeply. Ask yourself who are you and what do you want? The chances are that you will hear many different voices from within. According to Sri Aurobindo, these voices come from various parts of your being � the physical centre, the vital centre, the mental centre and the psychic centre. The physical centre consists of your body, its needs and habits. The vital centre contains your instinctive passions, emotions and the desire for pleasure seeking. The mental centre comprises of sensory processing, memory, higher intelligence, creativity and pure awareness. The psychic centre happens to be the dynamic representation of your soul, containing the light of the Divine consciousness and seeking to integrate, transform and evolve different parts of your being.

There is a lack of integration in the various parts of your being and they take turns to dominate your consciousness, pushing you in contradictory directions at different times. This creates an intense confusion and your understanding of who you are and what you aspire for is in a constant flux. Although you make a lot of movement but don't reach anywhere. You can transcend your human nature and evolve into a magnificent being if you allow the psychic centre to take charge of your consciousness and guide all other parts of your being. This can be done by following a rigorous spiritual approach seeking to manifest the psychic centre in your consciousness. When the psychic centre takes charge of the consciousness, the different parts of the self get purified, unified and evolved. Then, they work harmoniously towards your self-growth and you get transformed into a new being full of love and light.

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