Master your tyrant mind
By: Pulkit Sharma
Published on: August 15, 2015

Dr In present times, human mind is regarded by a majority as the supreme force on Earth. Right from early childhood, people are taught to program their minds in a way so that they can exploit everything including their selves to the maximum. Anyone who falls short of this target is considered a loser. Paradoxically, despite being super achievers people are unhappy. Physical problems, lifestyle diseases, psychological disorders and relational difficulties are ruining us. It is high time we realize that the modern psychology which lays excessive emphasis on mind is responsible for this. The mind has become a tyrant and is playing havoc with our body, relationships and soul.

In my psychological work, I often see that the mind's need for success has made people see each other as 'professional targets'. Whether it is family, work life, social relations or intimate bonds - everyone is trying to sell and force their point of view on others. People lack the willingness, patience and sensitivity to understand what the other is thinking and feeling. There is intense rage if the other person differs from oneself and every tactic is used to brainwash and sabotage him. This attitude has led to interpersonal conflict and violence at all levels. People have a huge list of acquaintances but no real friends. Most of us complain about being lonely but hardly realize our role in creating this isolation.

Nowadays each individual expects to extract maximum from their as well as others' physical bodies. Whether it is exercising in a gym to pump up the frame or working for long hours, popping pills in order to boost energy unrealistically or to numb pain, deriving sensory pleasure repetitively or using artificial means to stop ageing - the body ends up being treated like a slave by the mind. We fail to acknowledge the obvious fact that the human body has its needs and limitations. It needs nourishment, care and rest. In turn, failure to understand the body has led to the rise of physical ailments. Newer pathologies are getting discovered every other day and we are desperately trying to find cures without realizing the real aetiology behind all this.

In a similar vein, the mind has disconnected us from our soul. In order to live life meaningfully and authentically we need to renounce our egocentrism and get in touch with the core nature. If we are connected with our true self it can easily lead us forward. However, in order to form this connection we need to follow certain ethics, observe our mind and not get dragged into its games. It becomes extremely difficult to achieve this because the mind is extremely good at justifying its existence, reality and all actions and reactions. The mind has convincing explanations for cultivating negative emotions, indulging in transgressions, exploiting others, behaving violently and staying ignorant forever. People can reason out till eternity why they are right and that they don't need to change ever.

Ultimately it is a question of choice. We can choose to continue living by allowing our mind to carry on with its tyranny and suffer. Alternatively, we can cultivate the skill of observing the mind and question its logic by introspection. The belief that if we can possess whatever we desire, there will be happiness has to be challenged. This mental attitude leads to an imbalance in our system causing misery. We need to take into account the perspectives of the body, mind and soul and take a balanced view. This will put an end to the tyranny of mind in our lives and lead us to bliss.

Pulkit Sharma is Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalytical Therapist at Imago- Centre for Self, Delhi. Email:- info@thepsychologistindia.com