Each one of us has a personality or self. Personality or self consists of unique and somewhat constant patterns of being, thinking, feeling, behaving and relating to others. If these patterns enable us to pursue meaningful goals, have an integrated and strong self, deal with stressors effectively and enjoy mutually satisfying relationships then there is no problem. However, if the patterns of personality are deficient, rigid, unintegrated, cause pain to ourselves or others then we are prone to develop personality disorders or psychological problems.

Our inborn temperament and the early childhood environment contribute to personality development. If all aspects of the self get an interpersonal space in childhood we go on to develop a healthy and robust personality. In case certain parts of the self are criticized, hated or ignored there is a severe trauma which sabotages personality development and may lead to a personality disorder.

Types of Personality

Healthy Personality:
Healthy personalities are able to view themselves and others in constant, multifaceted and accurate manner; have satisfying intimate relationships; have awareness and comfort with various aspects of their self and are able to handle distress in an adaptive manner.

Neurotic Personality:
Neurotic personalities share quite a few attributes of healthy personality. However, they respond to distress with limited, maladaptive and rigid defenses which makes them and others suffer.

Borderline Personality:
Borderline personalities have an unstable, polarized and frequently shifting view of themselves and other people. They see everything in black or white. They have a defective sense of self and struggle with intense negative emotions.

The good news is that no matter how defective or disordered our personality is there is hope. Psychotherapy offers a second chance where the disorder can be understood, mourned and healed resuming the process of normal growth and development.

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