Self Motivation
By: Pulkit Sharma

Self-motivation is a driving force which helps a person to dream big and work towards the realization of their dreams. Whether it is success in a job, getting good grades in studies, falling in love, losing weight in the gym, learning music and dance- everything is possible if you are self motivated. In short, self-motivation is the key to success and joy. If other people encourage you, it is extremely helpful in building your confidence and motivation. However, it is risky to depend on others because there are people who can also criticize and demoralize you. Self-motivation is something you can do entirely by your own self. It is effective as you do not have to depend on other people. The following techniques can help you in building and increasing self-motivation-

1. Discover your uniqueness: Most of the time, we are heavily influenced by people who are successful and our role models. We try to copy them but it never leads us to their kind of success. This is a faulty step because each person is unique. What works for one individual may be disastrous for another. Therefore, do not copy others. Try and focus on your unique talents and capabilities and groom it.

2. Handle failure properly: Failure is a part of life and it often gives us feedback where we went wrong. However, a large majority of people are unable to handle the negative emotions which accompany failure and as a result give up. They feel ashamed of their own self, lose self-confidence and do not try again. It is important to repeatedly tell yourself - "one or more failed attempts do not mean that as an individual I'm a failure." Once you learn to deal with negative emotions which accompany failure, nothing can stop you from trying again.

3. Go in small steps: Often we are in a rush to get what we want without realizing the time and effort it requires. It is therefore important to think and break down your goal into many smaller targets. That ways, it becomes easier to plan and carry out the task.

4. Be realistic: While it is good to dream big but you need to be realistic in your aspirations else there is going to be a lot of frustration. Everyone wants to be rich and famous overnight but often this requires a lot of hard work, planning and time.

5. Positive affirmations: There are many people who criticize us and we join them by self-criticism. However, it is important to remind ourselves constantly of our strong points. This improves our self confidence and keeps us motivated. Identify our strengths, successful experiences and recall them every day.

Pulkit Sharma is Clinical Psychologist & Spiritual Therapist in private practice at Pondicherry (Puducherry), near Auroville. Email:- info@thepsychologistindia.com