Mind is not all his tireless climb can reach,
There is a fire on the apex of the worlds,
There is a house of the Eternal's light,
There is an infinite truth, an absolute power
Sri Aurobindo's Savitri

DrMost of us have, at some point dreamt of realizing our full potential, transcending various limitations, breaking free of suffering and experiencing eternal bliss. However, no matter how hard we try moving forward, there is always something holding us back - we feel stuck, confined and pushed into negativity by forces beyond our control.

During such times, we either overexert our mind for solutions or seek psychological help in a hope to set everything right. But our mind is not fully illumined and contemporary psychology suffers from several deep and conceptual problems. Therefore, what we always get is a makeshift formula which never helps us in the long run.

So, is there a way to real progress? Integral psychology, an alternative psycho-spiritual healing approach based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother holds a great promise. Unlike modern psychology, integral psychology does not limit itself to an analysis or a rewiring of the brain - it goes beyond the mind connecting to the higher layers of consciousness for lasting solutions.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother believe that the human mind is only one milestone in the evolution of consciousness and there are many more milestones to be covered. There is a presence within you known as the 'psychic being' - a part of the Divine consciousness, which is full of light, truth and knowledge and holds the key to the evolution of your consciousness. You are largely unaware of the psychic being, but once you unite with this powerful presence, nothing can stop you from realizing and living in the eternal bliss.

For achieving this unification, an amalgamation of two great forces is needed - the Divine grace from above and a burning aspiration within. Many people confuse an aspiration with an emotional desire or a mental decision, but it is a much deeper and integrated call from our being for a splendid existence. While Divine grace is omnipotent and omnipresent constantly guiding us towards transformation, our own aspiration tends to be weak and fragmented, and this is what sabotages our progress.

Nevertheless, once you surrender and assiduously follow a yogic path, your aspiration becomes concentrated and powerful. As the flame of aspiration burns intensely, the two great forces get synchronized - you say to the Divine that "I am yours" and the Divine says “Yes, you are mine."

Become aware that you are not just a physical body with a mind created by chance - you are a Divine element manifested in a psychic being using the body, the mind and the human existence for a manifestation of the Divine plan. Even so, you remain oblivious to this truth because your ignorance and a false sense of identity keeps you disconnected from your psychic being.

Integral psychology can help you connect to your psychic being and put you on an interesting adventure. You transcend your mind by overcoming ignorance and falsehood, and as the psychic being guides your life, you find perfect answers to all psychological problems. A state comes where your individual consciousness rises, expands and carries on with its evolution swiftly, unveiling the cosmic consciousness on earth.