The most spiritual form of love receives its power from the sexual force, but we need to learn how to cultivate it, water it and protect it from insects and storms. Anyone who tastes the fruits of this tree of love will savour immortality and eternal life.
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Dr Your conscious sense of whether you are a male, a female, a heterosexual, a gay, a lesbian, a bisexual or a transsexual is based upon your dominant gender and sexual identity - the one that emerged from a complex interaction of biological, psychological and environmental influences. Once you go deeper into your being, you realize that there are many other gender and sexual identities lying dormant within you - different shades of masculinity and femininity, homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality often coexist in your being.

When you are unable to accept this rich diversity, you end up either repressing some of these feelings or getting fixated on them. In such circumstances, sexuality could overrule your life and you might end up identifying yourself primarily as a 'physical body' with a certain set of sexual needs and tendencies. This can sabotage your relationships, endeavors and self-growth. If you are facing any conflict around your gender identity or sexual orientation or simply wish to transmute your desires, do not hesitate in seeking help.

Many people find it very embarrassing and difficult to talk about these issues and keep suffering in a closet. But once they overcome the initial hesitation, they realize that working through the conflicts around their gender and sexuality is easy. Research has shown that people who work through these conflicts and accept their inner diversity are able to live their authentic selves. This leads to a better physical, emotional and mental well-being - in short, they have a wholesome existence.

When you look from a spiritual perspective, you understand that your true self is beyond the rigid biological givens, sexual preferences or social constructions - it can integrate all this diversity into a harmonious unity. The sacred energy that created the universe and continues to sustain it pervades your true self. At the gross physical and vital level, this energy becomes sexual instinct and gets expressed in a crude, mechanical and often addictive form. However, at higher levels the same energy is transmuted into a spiritual force.

A spiritually informed psychosexual counselling can help you at various levels. Right from exploring and accepting your different gender and sexual identities, to a conscious integration of these facets, to developing deep and fulfilling intimate relationships, to uplifting your sexual energy into a new energy having a higher vibration. As you learn how to channelize and sublimate your sexual energy into its progressively evolved counterparts, it becomes easier to renounce crude forms of pleasure in favour of the refined ones.

The first step in transmuting sexual energy is learning to experience and express it in the context of a loving and caring relationship whether heterosexual or homosexual. Slowly, you realize that sexuality is not about enjoying someone's body and achieving a catharsis, but it is developing a sacred contact with the other person. Going further, psychosexual counselling guides you to quench your thirst for pleasure by engaging deeply in spiritual quests. It empowers you to redirect your vital and sexual energies towards the uppermost realms of consciousness. As you do this, many higher vibrations emerge nourishing your being deeply and you revel in a blissful state.