Have you ever felt confused why you did something?
Do you hate some habits of yours and yet can’t change them?
Are you trapped in a frustrating relationship?
Have vague fears or sadness plagued you?

Everything that we do, no matter how silly, bizarre, dysfunctional or painful it is for us- has a reason. There is nothing unimportant, random and haphazard about our mind and each behavior has significant reasons. These motives are often not known to us as they are based in the subconscious- the part of mind which rules us without our being aware of it.

The subconscious mind includes most important aspects of our self. Many wishes, feelings, memories which we would find painful and threatening reside in the subconscious. Defense mechanisms are processes which hide these aspects from our conscious awareness in order to save us from overwhelming pain and terror.

Though hidden from us, these forces exert a strong influence on our thoughts, feelings, actions and relationships and often clash with what we want consciously. This creates conflict and we end up behaving in self-destructive ways. In order to liberate ourselves, we need to understand our subconscious and integrate it with our conscious mind so that both can exist harmoniously. This can be possible through psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

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